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grab and go

Our grab and go offerings include fresh, healthy sandwiches, baguettes, Turkish rolls, salads, meals, soups, yoghurts, acai bowls, smoothie bowls, fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts, muesli, health bars, juices, smoothies, coffee and DIY toast - so you can make it just like you do at home!


Because everything is freshly prepared early that morning, the rest of the day is spent concentrating on YOU through reduced waiting times, efficient service and preparing great coffee to get you through your busy days.


Although we offer primarily wholesome, nutritious, balanced meals and snacks, we also have a good selection of gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, lactose free, vegan, raw foods and paleo lines for those looking for these options, whether for medical, personal or lifestlyle reasons. 


And because we believe life should be balanced and enjoyed, we also offer gourmet sweet treats.

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